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British Embassy in Ukraine provides guide to identify Russian Tanks

It has become increasingly popular for international and foreign officials to take their political actions against Russia on to the social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and even more popular is Twitter. This social media platform has quickly become the de facto form of communications. Most recently the British Embassy in the Ukraine has joined in by providing some infographics detailing features of the T-72 BM, which is a Russian Tank that has frequently been spotted in the Ukraine.


Russia has been consistent in denying any presence in the Ukraine. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin denied having any military occupation in any part of the Ukraine, after having been asked by the Canadian Prime Minister to immediately exit the Ukraine. The Kremline’s official line on eastern Ukraine has been to deny any military involvement in the ongoing crisis, despite the many reports showing the contrary.

Both the US general Philip Breedlove and the NATO Supreme Allied Commander said that they have both seen Russian tanks and troops entering the Ukraine and that there is no question about it. Nevertheless, despite these and the many reports of the Ukrainian defense minister, the Kremlin continues to stay oblivious and in denial.


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