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Data Recovery from Backup Tapes


Tape backups have been used in various offices for several years because of their stability, sustainability and cost effectiveness. They have been used from the large corporations and conglomerates to small businesses and basic startups. They have a very high flexibility and adjustable storage capacity thence providing numerous levels of backup in large scale. Owing to the fact that backup tape media are heavily relied upon in various offices, the data loss from such tapes can be quite critical and sensitive. In rare cases, data loss can be irreplaceable depending on the extent of damage caused on the tapes.

Just imagine how restless you can be if you happened to lose tape data when the tax filing data for IRS is approaching! Well, you don’t have to write up so many explanations and still get penalized at the end of the day. But you don’t have to worry about all these because the data recovery professionals can handle the task for you. We have an unmatched inventory of tape drives to assist us read your media and recover for your time sensitive data within a record time. In case your tape media has the archived format then you don’t have to worry because our experts will handle the situation. Experts in data recovery from backup tapes have all the tools, machinery and software required to extract and recover all or most of your data.

Benefits of Tape Backups

Irrespective of the type of hard drive that you have, backup systems are very imperative for purposes of security and data integrity. The tape backup is one of the most original types of backup systems that have been in use for several years now. They help businesses handle huge amounts of data and then send it to some offsite location where its safety can be ensured. One huge advantage of tape backup media is that the method is very easy to use by any business and it requires very little skill and effort to back up the data.

Tape backups are not the best method for personal uses but the method is quite reliable for businesses as it has stood the test of time. Tape backups are also fairly affordable because other backup methods require large corporations to spend 4 or 5 figure sums of money to successfully backup their data. Other solutions may also require information technology experts for installation and maintenance especially with the advancement of configuration requirements and network topology—meaning that the business will incur more costs.

The tape backup is the most viable solution for businesses that want to automate their data recovery and backup solutions. For large businesses that need to archive data easily and cost conveniently, the tape backup is the best method.

Exclusive Data Recovery

Data can be recovered from all types of backup dates and in any formats. Even if the data is meant to be recovered from tape cartridge regardless of age, type or format. With several years of experience handling tape backup data recovery, the success rate is very high even in the hardest of situations including:

  • Failed tape libraries and backup systems
  • Human error and accidental deletions of files
  • Corruption of software
  • Problems with tape setup and or configuration
  • Physically damaged or bent tapes
  • Corrupted files as a result of mechanical or electrical failure
  • Media damaged by smoke, water or fire
  • De-spooled or broken backup tapes
  • Misalignment of the drive heads or damaged tape headers
  • Overwritten or accidentally erased data cartridges
  • Tapes damaged by chemicals
  • Partially overwritten or quickly erased tape media

Once your damaged backup tape is received by our engineering team, it will be logged to the tape recovery service system immediately. We shall then call you to confirm that we have received your damaged backup tape and then start the process of gathering relevant information to assist the laboratory engineers in recovering the data. The tape is then sent to the laboratory for technical evaluation of the damage. The experienced tape data recovery specialists will then examine the tape for any damages before an attempt to recover the data is made. This helps them to know the nature of damage and the extent; which in turn dictates the method of data recovery to be employed by the professionals.

The Tape Backup Media Recovery Process

This is the summarized process for recovering data from tape backup media:

  • Submission of the data loss issue

The first step is submitting your issue to the professionals online. You will then receive all the instructions you require to help you ship the tape backup media to one of our laboratories.

  • Shipping the backup media tapes to the professionals

You can then ship the tape backup media to an expert such as the Data Recovery Houston Lab

  • Free evaluation and quote

Our data recovery professionals will then carry out a detailed evaluation to determine the extent of damage and the recovery techniques to be employed. The experts will then come up with a quote and send it to you for review.

  • File recovery

Once an agreement has been reached, you can then release the payment which is money-back guaranteed. Our expert team will conduct the recovery and repair all the damaged cartridges, extract the lost and damaged files and store the recovered files in a stable location.

  • Review of the end result and shipping back to your premises

Once the recovery process has been completed we shall then review the result in a laboratory to ensure that we have recovered to our level best before shipping the recovered data back to you.

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