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Tension Eases in the US

There has been two consecutive nights of robbing and violence around the St Louis area of Ferguson last Thursday brought about by racial irritation about a grand jury’s conclusion not to place any charges on a white law enforcement officer for seriously injuring a black youth who was not armed.

It was an unfortunate Thanksgiving Day festivities as protests flared up in different areas of the US, with the cold season keeping many of the residents indoors. A number of arrests took place in New York on individuals who had declared they would interfere with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that would be going across Manhattan.

There were more arrests on people running from Tuesday to Wednesday in California for shutting major roads and disrupting traffic in the main cities. Nevertheless, there was an order by the city’s police boss for the release of at least ninety of the strikers who were yet in custody in LA, for Thanksgiving dinner.

Nonetheless, it was mandatory they attend the hearing. Reports indicate that the directive did not relate to anybody who has a warrant of arrest, nor to the striker put into custody for attacking people with a deadly bludgeon.

Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown with a gun shot on 9 August 2014, which sparked Ferguson to become the center point of a nationwide discussion on racial dealings. The United States Justice office is indeed investigating the probability of civil rights cruelties, and the President of the United States has appealed on the hitches minorities come across in the country.

There was a lot of unrest when the grand jury passed a verdict of not charging Officer Wilson in Ferguson. This led to more than one hundred individuals arrested between the nights of Monday and Tuesday. There was torching of building, looting stores, though, riot police officer in full riot combat dispersed the rioters with two people detained on Wednesday.

During a Thanksgiving ceremony held at the Greater St. Mark Family Church that has been an assembly point for religious leaders and activists, many of the attendants acknowledged gratitude and blessings after a hectic week. In fact, one of the attending pastors reminded the congregation that they stay in a country governed by laws and none of them rules them all.

There was peace on Thursday in comparison to the sights that police has witness in the wake of the protestors. With no riots taking place, minimal police surveillance and very chilly but surprisingly sunny day, the local dwellers went about their day activities and mending the broken windows and glasses.

In harmony with Brown’s relatives, campaigners took to social networking sites to inspire families to send photos of vacant seats during their Thanksgiving ceremonies to signify their departed son. Passing cars blared their horns as they passed by as well.

Officer Wilson, who is on administrative leave at present, has cited fearing for his life and was reacting in self-defense at the time of shooting Brown, although Brown’s relatives state that his action was malicious and must face trial.

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