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The Ebola Menace


The fatality toll in the world’s most horrible Ebola epidemic has gone up to five thousand six hundred and eighty nine according to reliable sources in comparison to the 15,935 instances recounted in eight countries by 23 November 2014.

Almost all instances, 15 fatalities have occurred in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, which are the topmost affected countries. They narrate new deaths to occur at a rate of six hundred in the earlier week, which World Health Organization has confirmed to be the newest update.

The former British colony narrated that 6,599 situations stated in Sierra Leone since the epidemic will soon overshadow the number of 7,168 reported in Liberia. The spread of the virus remains severe in Sierra Leone, particularly in the north and west, with the capital city of Freetown remaining the worst distressed area.

The West African country of Sierra Leone has requested the US to dispatch military assistance to aid in helping the fight against Ebola virus as it follows suit with its neighboring Liberia and Guinea. Reliable information indicate that Sierra Leone and Liberia account that less than 70 per cent of casualties are secluded, although there exists an extensive differences among the districts.

Isolation is significant to hinder additional multiplication of the viral hemorrhagic ailment, and the target is to quarantine one hundred percent of casualties by the beginning of the coming year. Getting in touch with individuals identified with the infection needs observations for symptoms together with fever, although relatively few numbers are stated.

World Health Organization has as well warned that in districts where the cases are prevalent, less body contact are presently registering in connection with every fresh case than before, in order to accurately observe chains of spreading.

Mali has testified eight cases of Ebola, out of them, six are critical and 285 people who have had contact with the virus are in the observation. WHO groups are assessing how the neighboring countries are preparing themselves to combating the Ebola virus and are making plans to visit the Central African countries of Ethiopia and Niger in the coming week.

A renowned expert on the ailment has stated that the Ebola widespread might worsen more before declining, though fresh infections might begin to lessen in all concerned countries before the beginning of next year. The doctor from Cuba is recuperating and reacting positively to medication from the infection of Ebola and his doctors are reasonably hopeful.

There has many campaigns, both in the audio and press regarding the Ebola virus for the awareness in the people of the most affected countries. The hospitals are passing leaflets informing citizens of less body contract because the transmission of the virus is mostly through body fluids, e.g. sweat, saliva, vomit and urine.

The awareness is to protect its citizen for fresh casualties and fatalities. Anyone who has had contact is request to visit the nearest health care facility and report the person he/she got into contact. The governments are as well encouraging such deeds because it has become an international concern.




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